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Medieval jobs that you would most likely die from

For many people, the presenter notes, the Middle Ages were associated with hunger, difficult working conditions, and unsanitary conditions. There were also types of work that were fatal to health. In fact, they often did die of them. Below is a list of such activities.

  1. Leech Collector… Some medical methods involved sucking blood from a person using leeches. This process was called bloodletting. Thanks to leeches, they treated skin and dental diseases, various infections, and diseases of the nervous system. Naturally, the doctors themselves did not catch leeches. Other people did it, and the person just went into the pond and swamp, rolled up his trousers and waited for the leeches to suck on his body. After that, he would shoot one by one and sell it to a doctor.
  1. Tanner… These specialists extracted and preserved animal skins for their later use in various industries.
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