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Media: Iran handed over Shahed 129 combat drones to Russia. What is known about them

According to various media reports, Iran has already handed over combat unmanned aerial vehicles to the Russian Federation. A shipment of Iranian drones has been sent across the Caspian Sea.


The cargo is based on Shahed 129 heavy attack drones. During its development, the Israeli Hermes 450 drone and the American MQ-1 Predator were taken as the basis.


The source clarifies that practically nothing is known about the actual combat characteristics of Iranian drones, since so far they have not been used in large-scale conflicts.
According to the data available on the Web, Shahed 129 can be in the air for a day, reach a speed of 150 km / h and move away from the operator by 200 km. Shahed 129 fuselage length is 8 m. Wingspan is 16 m. Claimed combat load is up to 400 kg. It can be armed with Sadid-1 anti-tank missiles (a copy of the Israeli Spike-ER) or a high-precision glide bomb with a fragmentation warhead – Sadid-345.
The parties have not yet commented on this information, but earlier Iran denied deliveries Russian combat drones for use in Ukraine.
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