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Material for the treatment of hard-to-reach tumors has been created in Russia

The method developed by Russian specialists is called X-ray photodynamic therapy. Using this method, specialists will generate reactive oxygen species capable of effectively destroying pathogenic cells and tumors.

Oxygen will be transported to tumors by special composite materials consisting of a core based on scintillating nanoparticles, i.e. luminous upon absorption of ionizing radiation, and a shell formed by mesoporous silicon oxide and subsequently impregnated with a photosensitizer based on molecular dyes, which provide efficient generation of reactive oxygen species. Nanoparticles 15-20 nm in size are able to efficiently transport the active substance through the capillaries and quickly reach the target.

“The approach is innovative and, unlike classical photodynamic therapy, it can be used to treat deep-seated pathological tissues. It is based on three components: nanoparticles of X-ray phosphors (capable of effectively transforming the energy of absorbed X-ray photons into an optical signal), a special photosensitive substance – a photosensitizer (capable of generating reactive oxygen species in an excited state) and exciting ionizing radiation (in the X-ray or gamma ranges ) “, – noted the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, scientific director of the SFedU direction Alexander Soldatov.

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