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Material for flexible wearable devices and electric vehicles was invented in Russia

The nanomaterial differs from the currently used graphite electrodes, which are brittle and therefore not suitable for solving many of the necessary problems inherent in the current development of technologies. As an alternative to them, scientists propose multilayer hybrids based on graphene and carbon nanotubes, which are characterized by structural flexibility, high electrical conductivity, chemical and thermal stability, as well as ease of modification and ease of manufacture. On their basis, it will be possible to develop supercapacitors of increased capacity and use them to develop flexible and extensible electronic devices attached to the skin.

According to experts, replacing the graphite electrodes that are currently in use with nanohybrid ones can extend the life of the devices, increase the capacity and reduce the battery charging time.

“Supercapacitors based on our material in the future, for example, will allow electric vehicles to run on one battery several times longer, and the charging procedure will not take several hours, but rather several minutes. Even at the current stage of research, it is obvious that our material is capable of accelerating charging at least twice, ”said Olga Glukhova, head of the Department of Radio Engineering and Electrodynamics at SSU.

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