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Maruti and Toyota sell similar vehicles, yet there is so much difference in sales

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Baleno and Glanza both look similar

Maruti Suzuki has a lot of influence among the customers and we are not saying this just like that, the biggest proof of this is the explosive sales of the company. Most of you would be aware that there are some Toyota vehicles which are built on Maruti platform. Many times, such deception happens on the road that what we think is Maruti Suzuki Baleno actually turns out to be Toyota Glanza.

The design of both Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza is quite similar to each other. Of course, both the companies are selling similar looking cars but still if we talk about sales then the difference in the sales figures of both the companies is as much as between the earth and the sky.

Condition of Maruti Suzuki in January?

Maruti Suzuki has released the sales report of last month, the report released by the company has revealed that the sales of Maruti in January have increased by 5 percent as compared to January last year. In the last month of January 2024, the company has sold 1 lakh 99 thousand 364 units, whereas last year in January 2023, the sales figure was 1 lakh 72 thousand 535 units.

Condition of Toyota Kirloskar Motor in January?

Last month was also very good for Toyota, the company has sold 24 thousand 609 units in a month. This year the growth of the company has increased by 92 percent as compared to January last year, the total sales of the company in January 2023 were only 12 thousand 835 units.

These cars look alike

  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno (prices start at Rs 6.66 lakh) and Toyota Glanza (prices start at Rs 6.86 lakh)
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyrider (price starts from Rs 11.14 lakh) – Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara (price starts from Rs 10.80 lakh)
  • Toyota Innova Hycross (price starts at Rs 18.92 lakh) – Maruti Suzuki Invicto (price starts at Rs 25.21 lakh)

Is there a big difference in the difference?

Maruti Suzuki’s sales last month were 1,99,364 units while Toyota sold only 24,609 units. If seen accordingly, Toyota’s sales were about 8 percent less than Maruti.

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