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Maruti Alto is selling cheaper than bike, you can buy car here by paying just Rs 55000

New Delhi.

Maruti Suzuki Alto used car: If you are not able to buy a new car due to low budget, then today we are going to tell you about a way where the price will not be a deterrent for you. Actually, if we talk about the Indian market, then Maruti Suzuki Alto is the cheapest car in the country. At one time its price used to be less than Rs 3 lakh, but then after increasing the price, its initial price was Rs 3.15 lakh. In such a situation, this month Maruti has increased its initial price by Rs 10000, after which its initial Delhi ex-showroom price has gone up to Rs 3.25 lakh. That is, the cost of the cheapest car in the country is Rs 3.25 lakh. In such a situation, if you do not have such a budget and do not want to buy this car on loan or EMI, then you do not need to be disappointed. Because, there is another way through which you can buy this car at the lowest price.

Maruti Suzuki True Value will fulfill the dream of a new car

Maruti Suzuki True Value is a place where you can buy used Maruti cars at affordable prices. This is the platform of Maruti Suzuki, where certified used cars are sold on behalf of the company. Simply put, this is a platform of Maruti, where Maruti’s second hand vehicles are sold. The biggest feature of this platform is that there is no question of any fraud regarding vehicle papers. Apart from this, the real time condition of the car is tested by the company itself and then it is certified.

How about a 3.25 lakh car for Rs 55,000?

The standard variant of Maruti Suzuki’s Alto i.e. its starting Delhi ex-showroom price is Rs 3.25 lakh. But, you can buy this car at Maruti Suzuki True Value for Rs 55,000. However, it is important to note here that the 2021 model of Maruti Suzuki Alto is priced at Rs 3.25 lakh, but the car that is being sold on Maruti’s True Venue platform is the 2008 model of Maruti Alto. That is, this car is 13 years old. Apart from this, this car has run 71,647 km. You can see all the information related to the car on the website. Apart from this, like OLX, you will also see pictures of the car on the website.

More cars to choose from

You can also buy used 2021 models of Maruti Suzuki Alto on the website, but at a higher price. Apart from this, you can choose from many different variants of Alto according to your budget. Not only this, you can also like other used cars of Maruti by visiting the website.

Used car can be right as first car

It is said that if there is a first car, then a used car is a good option. Actually, used cars are not only low in price, but also your hand is set as the first car. If there is even a slight scratch or dent on the car, then you will not have much trouble. At the same time, when the hand is set, after some time you can buy a new car. This will also save, the dream of a new car will also be fulfilled and the hand on the car will also be set.

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