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Martian ‘alien’ claims, carbon dioxide keeps the Red Planet alive

A Russian boy is claiming he is from Mars. The boy says that he has come to save the earth from nuclear annihilation. No one knows the whereabouts of this boy who is making headlines on the internet. Reports claim that the boy and his mother are being held at an undisclosed location under the protection of the Russian government. This guy is very different from the rest and makes many shocking claims about the Red Planet.

boy name boris kiprianovich (Boris Kipriyanovich). He describes himself as an extraterrestrial being. It is said to have come to Earth from Mars. Claims that people on Mars breathe carbon dioxide. His claim does not match with the creatures living on the earth, because here oxygen keeps us alive.

boris says It is said that his previous birth was on Mars and this birth was on Earth. The boy claims that a great secret is hidden inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Boris’s mind is quite developed for his age. His mother also confirms this. It is said that the IQ level of Boris was very high from the beginning.

How can someone speak from the age of 4 months. Boris’s mother has experienced this. It is claimed that Boris has been speaking since he was a few months old. When he was one year old, he started reading newspapers. Boris also says that when he was on Mars, he often used to come to Earth. He also has a spacecraft. It is claimed that if the magnetic layer of that spacecraft is turned on, it can fly anywhere in the universe.

It is not that scientists did not notice Boris. Russian scientists have observed it. They have come to understand that Boris is really different from other children. Boris’s story has come up many times. No one knows where he is now though. Has Russia hidden it somewhere? Does Russia know something about Boris that is being hidden from the rest of the world? There are many questions. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, if anyone claims that he has come to save the world from nuclear annihilation, he should be brought to the fore.

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