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Mars: Ingenuity helicopter will be useful to NASA on the red planet even after ‘dying’

Nasa Ingenuity Mars: In January this year, the ‘Ingenuity’ helicopter crashed on Mars.

NASA’s Mars helicopter, ‘Ingenuity,’ has concluded its mission after sustaining damage during its 72nd flight on January 18. The flight, a short vertical one, resulted in a loss of contact with the Perseverance Rover, causing ‘Ingenuity’ to fall rapidly and become damaged. On April 16, NASA’s team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) held a final meeting for ‘Ingenuity,’ marking the end of its operational life.

‘Ingenuity’ made history as the first rotorcraft to fly on a planet other than Earth. Despite its damage, it continues to function as a weather station. Josh Anderson, head of the Ingenuity team at JPL, expressed appreciation for the rotorcraft’s contributions, noting its resilience and the valuable data it provided. Despite the challenges of Mars’ lower gravity, ‘Ingenuity’ exceeded expectations by flying for 72 flights, totaling 129 minutes and covering 17 kilometers, which was 14 times more than scientists had anticipated.

Although ‘Ingenuity’ will no longer fly, the data collected during its missions will be valuable for future Mars exploration endeavors. Its successful operation demonstrates the potential for rotorcraft technology in Martian exploration despite the planet’s unique environmental challenges.


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