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Market Capitalization: Investors’ wealth increased by Rs 7.5 lakh crore

Investors Wealth Increases: This week has been very relief for the Indian stock market. Indian markets have closed sharply for three consecutive trading sessions. So out of the five trading days of this week, the market has closed in the green for four days. During this, the Sensex has crossed 54,000 and the Nifty has crossed the 16,000 mark. This week around 1600 in the Sensex, the Nifty saw a rise of 470 points. In such a situation, due to the boom in the market, there was a tremendous jump in the wealth of investors this week.

Investors’ wealth increased by 7.5 lakh crore
Due to trading in the green mark of the market for four days in five days, the wealth of investors has increased by Rs 7.5 lakh crore this week. At the close of the market on Friday, the market capitalization of the listed stocks on the Mumbai Stock Exchange has reached Rs 251.59 lakh crore. Whereas last week the market capitalization was close to Rs 244 lakh crore. The good thing for the market this week is that all sectoral indices saw a rise this week.

Looking at quarterly results next week
However, the coming week is very important for the market. With the announcement of the results of TCS, the quarterly results of the companies have started. The results of many big companies including Infosys will be declared next week. The retail inflation data will be announced next week, on which the market will not keep an eye. Markets are breathing a sigh of relief due to the fall in commodity prices. Because this is expected to reduce inflation, then in such a situation, the risk of interest rates becoming expensive can be averted.

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