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Many new Copilot AI features are coming to Microsoft Teams, let’s explore them

Microsoft Teams AI Features: Microsoft is introducing several new AI features to enhance its Copilot assistant, promising to improve the experience of meetings, calls, and collaboration. Let’s delve into the details.

Microsoft is rolling out numerous new AI features to enhance its Copilot assistant, thereby enhancing the experience of meetings, calls, and collaboration. With these updates, users will find it easier to catch up on missed meetings, compose messages, and obtain call information. The most significant change is the integration of spoken conversations and written chats from meetings into a single view. This will allow users who missed a meeting to catch up on what was discussed.

This feature is set to debut in the coming months and promises to simplify the understanding of crucial conversations and decisions. Copilot will also assist in composing messages within chats, offering various writing styles for added versatility. This feature is expected to inject some fun into communication while saving time by crafting new messages based on existing chat content.

In addition to these updates, there’s another noteworthy feature called “Intelligent Call Recap.” This feature is designed for team calls conducted directly over the phone. It automatically generates notes during the call, making it easier to review the conversation and determine next steps. Intelligent Call Recap will be available with Teams Premium in the next quarter.

Features for hybrid meetings:

Microsoft is also introducing new features to enhance the experience of hybrid meetings, catering to participants joining from both the office and home. The IntelliFrame feature in Teams Rooms will utilize AI to automatically select the best camera view, ensuring that remote participants have a clear view of the meeting, even if some cameras are inactive.

Furthermore, speaker recognition will now be supported on any microphone in Teams Rooms. Users can provide details about their voice and appearance to ensure accurate transcription of their contributions to the meeting. To further expand the reach of Teams, Microsoft has partnered with several new telecom companies, including AT&T, O2, Virgin Media, and Vodafone UK. This collaboration will lead to the launch of Teams Phone Mobile by the end of the year, providing users with a single number for Teams and mobile phones, greatly enhancing convenience.


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