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Manual AC vs Automatic Climate Control: Which AC system of the car will keep the car cool and cool?

Automatic Climate Control Car: Traveling by car in the rising heat is not easy. It becomes very difficult to drive a car in the scorching sun. To address this, auto companies provide either AC or an automatic climate control system in cars. But which of these two options is right for you? Find out here.

The heat of summer makes traveling very challenging. If you are driving a car in the scorching sun, it becomes unbearable without turning on the air conditioner (AC). AC is crucial for providing relief from the heat. Now, the automatic climate control feature is also available in new cars. It is also used to cool the car. Many people remain confused between AC and automatic climate control. Let’s understand the difference between these two and determine which cooling system will be best for you.

Manual air conditioning (AC) is a comfort feature that has been provided in cars for decades. On the other hand, a new technology called ‘Automatic Climate Control’ is an advanced version of AC. This feature was previously seen only in expensive cars, but now it is being included in cheaper cars as well. It is believed that automatic climate control makes the car very comfortable.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a new car, you might be wondering what the difference is between manual AC and automatic climate control, and whether it’s something you need.

Manual air conditioning car: The air conditioner draws hot air from outside the car or from inside the cabin and passes it through a coolant or refrigerant. This process cools the hot air and then sends the cool air into the car cabin through the AC blower vent. A manual AC is completely controlled by the driver or passengers sitting in the vehicle.

In most cases, the temperature of the AC is manually adjusted using three knobs: one controls the temperature of the AC, the second controls the fan speed, and the third controls the air distribution.

Manual AC is as effective as an automatic climate control system, but it has one major disadvantage. This system fails to maintain the temperature consistently. It fluctuates depending on various factors including outside and inside temperature, fan speed, etc.

Automatic Climate Control System: In automatic climate control, the system uses sensors to actively monitor the temperature inside the car and maintain the temperature set by the user. For example, if the temperature is set to 18 degrees Celsius, the system will maintain the same temperature regardless of changes.

Automatic Climate Control Car

The driver just has to set the temperature of their choice once. The system will then monitor the cabin temperature and make necessary adjustments. Some cars are equipped with dual-zone, tri-zone, and sometimes quad-zone climate control. Dual-zone climate control allows different temperatures to be set for the driver and co-passengers.

Tri-zone allows you to set the temperature for both the front seats and the rear seats as well. Quad-zone climate control gives the occupants the freedom to choose their preferred temperature across all the seats of the car.

Which car to buy? If you live in a hot area and/or spend long periods of time in the car, automatic climate control is a feature that will provide relief during summers. Automatic climate control adds extra convenience, allowing the driver to focus completely on the road without having to manually set the temperature.

However, manual ACs are less expensive to replace or repair in case something malfunctions. Your budget also plays an important role in deciding whether to buy a car equipped with manual AC or automatic climate control. Actually, buying a car with automatic climate control requires a higher budget than manual AC cars.


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