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Man completed graduation at the age of 95, people said – ‘There is no age to learn something new’

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Graduation at 95

It is often said that there is no age limit for learning, you can learn anything whenever you feel like it. This has been proved by 95-year-old David Margot, a resident of UK, who has achieved the title of being the oldest graduate of Kingston University. He continued his studies even after 72. The surprising thing here is that Dr. David Margot is now considering a new course also.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why is this person studying at the age when people take the name of God? Let us tell you that a lot of changes have been seen in the psychotherapy industry in the UK for some time. Seeing this, Dr. Margot thought about this and decided to study again. Speaking to the media, he said that I knew I had limited time, so when I saw an advertisement for a course that was local to me, I decided to apply.

‘These people made this course easy for me’-Dr. David Margot

However, all this would not have been so easy for me if the staff and students of Kingston University had not been helpful to me. This course was amazing for me and I thank Kingston University for teaching me something new at this age. When he was asked what would you like to say to those people who have been away from education for decades. To this he said that I would only say that this is a gamble which everyone must play.

According to the university, Margot did this course to keep his mind busy because his wife had sadly passed away some time ago due to the Covid pandemic. Currently, after graduating from Brighton University in 2021, he has set a record.

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