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Making the most of your online course: four steps

As the specialist notes, research shows that some actions contribute to the achievement of a high level of effectiveness in online learning. There are four such steps in total. To do this, students need:

  1. Define a goal… Those who have a clear understanding of what they want out of a course are more likely to end up with a diploma or certificate, the research says. Such a goal may be mastering a new skill, getting a new job, etc. In addition, the study by the author of the effectiveness of training more than 4 thousand people showed that people who want to open their own business, improve their professional skills or move to a new position are more likely to have a career advantage over those who enrolled in a course simply because they had a desire to learn something new.
  1. Review videos and retake tests… According to the results of training more than 4 thousand people, the most persistent and persistent students of the courses had more advantages in terms of career than those who communicated a lot or even received high scores. That is, the benefit here is to try to go through what did not work again.


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