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Make your old age strong like this, after retirement you will get ₹ 75 thousand every month, what is the plan

Retirement Planning in India: We are going to tell you about a government scheme, by investing in which, even after your retirement, you can take a hefty installment every month like income in a better way. You can make a good fund by saving every month.

Know what is the plan

If you are employed, then you must be taking out a part of your salary for investment. The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better. You must have heard about the National Pension System. This option may prove to be the strongest for you. This is the preferred option for retirement planning among people. If you invest in it, you can get a pension of up to Rs 75 thousand every month after retirement.

What is NPS, how to invest

NPS is a kind of government scheme. There are 4 asset classes in NPS – Equity, Corporate Debt, Government Bonds and Alternative Investment Funds. Investors have two options in NPS. There is an option of active and auto choice. It is less risky than equity and has higher returns than PPF or Fixed Deposit (FD). Know how much you will have to invest in it every month.

This is how you will get 75 thousand rupees every month

If you are 25 years old now. If you want to get the benefit of pension of 75 thousand rupees after retirement, then you will have to invest 10 thousand rupees every month. This investment will have to be done for the next 35 years. At 10% annual return, his total NPS investment will be Rs 3,82,82,768 at maturity. Only a mandatory portion of 40 per cent of the total NPS corpus will be invested in buying annuity. If he does this, he will get a pension of Rs 76,566 every month after retirement.


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