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Make your laptop screen blink in just a minute

If you are also one of those who really do not like to see any kind of spots and marks on your computer or laptop, even then there are marks on the screen somewhere, after which you think how to clean your laptop display. to be done.

Just like cleaning your laptop keyboard, it’s a simple process. You’ll only need a few simple items, and some time and patience. But as always, before you proceed, we have a message for you to keep in mind Please make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged from power. Use these things…

2 microfiber cleaning cloths

This cloth is safe to use with electronics and will clean any spots and dust off your screen. Do not use regular paper towels, hand towels or other types of cloth. It can scratch your screen.

screen cleaning solution

Available online or in store, screen cleaning solutions can help remove marks from your screen. Make sure it is safe for electronics. Do not use bleach or soap, as this can damage your screen by removing the laminated letter.


If you can’t find a screen cleaning solution, water will work fine. You can moisten a microfiber cloth with water, and then wipe it off using another cloth after it dries.

Step 1: A Basic Wipedown

— To begin this process of cleaning your laptop screen, do a basic wipe-down.
— Hold the microfiber cloth in your hand, or fold if the cloth is too big.
— Scrub it in a circular motion to remove dust or large spots. Do not drive too hard as it may damage your screen.

Make your laptop screen blink in just a minute


Step 2: Use screen cleaning solution or water with your microfiber cloth

—You can use your own screen cleaning solution or water. In these cases, you’ll be cleaning the screen a little deeper than with the original wipedown.
— Please be aware that you should never spray your screen with water or any solution directly. If you do, you will damage the screen as the cleaning solution and water can seep under the lamination and into the electronics.
—Spray your cleaning solution onto your first microfiber cloth. Do not soak it completely. You can also moisten the cloth lightly with water.
— Begin by gently rubbing the screen with the cloth over any areas with spots or marks. Do not apply too much pressure so as not to damage the screen.
— Let the screen dry, and then take another microfiber cloth, clean the screen properly with it.

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