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Make this change in the AC installed in the house, half the electricity bill will start coming!

New Delhi. The biggest concern in the summer season is about the electricity bill. This is the reason that you take many measures to save electricity bill, but today we are going to tell you such a solution. By doing this, your electricity bill is going to be reduced by less than half. Before that, you need to know that due to which the electricity bill of your house comes the most.

AC is due to the highest electricity bill coming in the house, if you make some changes in it, then your electricity bill will be worked out quickly. Also, you are not going to have any problem, if you believe the power companies, if you run AC at 24 degree Celsius, then it saves a lot of your electricity. At the same time, it also does a cooling which is not harmful to your body.

Apart from the cooling of AC, you should also pay attention to the electricity bill, then the other thing you can do is that you should get the service done like this. If you service it from time to time, then a cooling does good and at the same time it also reduces the consumption of electricity. Usually engineers ask for a lot of money for AC service, so you can easily clean it at home too.

If you want to service the AC at home, then you just have to clean it by removing the air filter, as well as the air cooling condenser can be cleaned with a toothbrush. By doing this your AC child starts giving air. If you do not run it continuously, then the electricity bill will also reduce a lot. You have to make some small changes in your AC, it can help a lot.

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