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Make normal switch board smart at just this price, you will be able to do ON-OFF from mobile


By making the switch board hi-tech, you can control it with a smartphone.
You can control from TV to fridge with your smartphone.
Google Homes and Alexa help in operating the home appliances.

New Delhi: Common switch boards are commonly seen in homes. In which there are three to four switches. To turn on or off the fan, AC fridge, washing machine, one has to go to the switch board again and again. But now everything can be closed with just one touch. In this era of technology, now by spending only a few rupees, getting up again and again and going to the switch board can be avoided. By making the switch board hi-tech, it can be controlled very easily with a smartphone.

Google Homes will help you control the Smart Switch Board from your phone. By making the switch board hi-tech, you can also set the time in the smartphone, at which time you want to turn on or off the fan, AC, washing machine.

Make normal switch board smart like this
There is a device available on Amazon to make a simple switch board smart. The name of this device is Tinxy smart switches. You can also buy it offline. The price of this device is Rs 600, in which features like Alexa and Google Voice are available. Buy Homemate wifi 2 node smart switch to make more than one board smart. No electrician is required to install this device. By opening the switch board itself, you can add plus and minus wires to it.

Control with Google homes and Alexa
1. Install Google homes from Google Play Store in mobile phone to control smart switch board.
2. Click on Add Manually in Google Homes.
3. After this, click on the name written on the switch board in the app.
4. After clicking on Go To Add, let the scan happen.
5. After 1 minute 40 seconds the switch board will be registered with the phone.
6. After this click on Done.
7. You can rename it and write the name of AC fridge washing machine for which you want to use it.

How does this device work
Actually this device works through WiFi. To use it, it is necessary to have WiFi on in the phone. Without the help of WiFi, you cannot control the smart switch board. Alexa users can also run it with the help of voice. This device also protects against short circuit. Some people also use this device to control the flow of electricity.

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