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Magnets can be used to make oxygen in space – Research

You must have seen the astronauts floating in space suits inside the space station in the pictures or videos of the space station made in space. An oxygen-delivering cylinder is also tied behind them. But what if they run out of space oxygen supply above them? It is said that providing breathable air to the astronauts in space is very expensive. Now, when man is going to accelerate the mission to the moon and Mars, then some technology must be found to provide oxygen there.

In this direction, an international team of scientists has developed an important mechanism for preparing oxygen. Research is of. He has talked about making oxygen with the help of magnetic mechanism. If this technology works, it will be very easy to produce oxygen in space.

lvaro Romeo Calvo, a PhD graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, said that oxygen at the International Space Station is made with the help of electrolyte cells. It breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen. But after that these gases have to be brought out of the system. A NASA researcher has said in a recent study that taking this technology to a planet like Mars is not reliable.

Due to the lack of gravity on another planet, it is very difficult to remove oxygen. When this process occurs on Earth, bubbles of carbon dioxide are quickly released over the soda glass. But in a space like space, where would these bubbles go without gravity? Instead of coming up, he gets trapped in the liquid.

NASA currently uses the centrifuge process to separate the oxygen, but this process demands a lot of mass, energy and maintenance. Meanwhile, researchers have done an experiment in which a magnet can also do the same thing.

The team has devised a mechanism to separate the gas bubbles. The study shows for the first time that gas bubbles can be attracted to a simple neodymium magnet in microgravity and immersed in a variety of water solutions.

Professor Hanspeter Schuab of Colorado said that after years of research, we have been able to use this mechanism, by which we can separate oxygen from water even in zero gravity. Scientists say that with this research, scientists and engineers can be successful in making oxygen systems and it can also be useful in other research related to space.

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