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Made such a picture by taking 2 lakh 80 thousand photos of the moon.

Can you take 2 lakh 80 thousand photos of anything? One person has done this. People who are interested in celestial bodies, stars, planets, etc. present in space often do such feats which may seem impossible to hear. America’s space photographer Andrew McCarthy has done one such feat. He captured the moon in his camera in such a way that a wonderful picture came out as a result. Seeing this photo, you will also say that our moon is really very beautiful. The photographer took 2,80,000 photos, then processed them and created a picture that has no break.

American photographer McCarthy has created such an image by taking 2,80,000 photos of the moon which is amazing. The photographer captured this image in his Twitter Also shared on the handle. in simple photo moon surface Gray color is visible on which it is not possible to understand much. But in this photo, lava lakes on the surface of the moon, lava tubes, valleys and impact craters that look like traces of crawling insects can also be seen. Also, the photo is so beautiful to see that everyone keeps looking at it. See this amazing picture-Very clearly visible in the photo. Describing this feat, McCarthy has written that he spent 2 telescope Used it. He took more than 2 lakh 80 thousand photographs. This fullsize image is expressed in gigapixels. It took McCarthy more than two weeks to do the job. Even before this, they have prepared the photo of the moon in this way. But the photo prepared earlier was made by mixing 50 thousand different photos.

Apart from sharing the photo on Twitter, he has also put a timelapse video of it on his Instagram. Which swiftly shows how they got it done. In this, he has also shown his camera setup and the entire process. beyond the moon photographer mccarthy Vesper, nebula Adi has also been captured on camera.


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