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Macbook Air (M3) with custom cooling turned out to be more powerful than MacBook Pro

The MacBook Air (M3) is equipped with a passive cooling system, which is why it can get very hot and throttle during operation. The author of the MaxTech YouTube channel decided to correct this injustice by using an additional radiator. As it turns out, this simple accessory can significantly increase the performance of a laptop.

To improve the cooling of the MacBook Air, the blogger used the SVALT DHCR stand, in which the laptop is installed closed, working in combination with an external monitor. In addition, the author of the video installed thermal pads between the laptop case and the area of ​​the motherboard where the M3 processor is located. The laptop’s stock results in the 3DMark benchmark were as follows:

  • One run – 8083 points
  • Stress test, 20 minutes – 5916 points
  • Stress test in closed position, 20 minutes – 4198 points

For comparison, a Macbook Pro equipped with a full-fledged cooler with an M3 chip produced 8090 points in one run, and 7933 in a 20-minute stress test.

After modifying the cooling system, the results of the MacBook Air improved significantly:

  • Closed stress test on SVALT DHCR, 20 minutes – 7309 points
  • Closed stress test on SVALT DHCR + thermal pads, 20 minutes – 8062 points

As a result of the experiment, the basic model was able to outperform the more expensive Pro version in terms of performance. However, this solution is only relevant for users who connect their MacBook Air to an external monitor.


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