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M.Video-Eldorado expands the range of available equipment

As part of the development of its own marketplace, the M.Video–Eldorado Group continues to expand the available range of equipment and electronics. Today, M.Video and Eldorado offer about 180,000 products, including their own assortment and offers from other retailers and manufacturers.

The assortment, available both online and in stores, is about 180,000 products, including household appliances and related categories – goods for summer cottages, medical equipment, accessories, household tools and utensils. Basically, the expansion of the range was due to the available brands of the mass segment. Thomas, Kuppersberg, Panairo, MEDITECH, Gunnar, Ginzzu, SEG, Supra, Brabantia, Simfer, Perfeo, Morphy Richards, Kelli expanded their presence. In total, about 4,000 brands are available in M.Video–Eldorado.

In March, one and a half times more new sellers joined the M.Video-Eldorado platform than in February and January, and the total number of partners exceeded 1,750. The expansion of the assortment allows attracting an additional 200,000-250,000 orders per month.

M.Video–Eldorado has been developing its own home appliances and electronics marketplace since 2020. At the end of 2021, the company simplified the connection procedure and offered partners preferential terms of cooperation. From March to September 2022, suppliers received the opportunity to store goods free of charge at M.Video–Eldorado warehouses. This allowed them to save on shipping, and customers to receive orders 2-3 times faster. We also doubled the frequency of payments to partners.


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