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Lost Aadhaar card can send you to jail, the way to escape is very easy, the work will be done in 2 minutes.

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New Delhi. Aadhar Card is a very important document for all citizens in India. This document is used at many places for verification. But, if your Aadhaar card is lost then it can reach into wrong hands and it can also be used for fraud. Aadhaar biometric data can be misused to conduct fraudulent financial transactions, gain access to mobile and internet connections. It can even be used to commit identity theft.

In such a situation, to prevent misuse of the Aadhaar card, the facility to lock the Aadhaar card is provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). As soon as you have your Aadhar card. It cannot be used for the authentication process.

What is Aadhaar (UID) Lock and Unlock?
By locking Aadhaar card, citizens can prevent scammers from using Aadhaar card for biometrics, demographics and any kind of authentication like UID, UID token and VID for OTP.

If you get Aadhar card or you get a new Aadhar card. So you can also unlock your UID through UIDAI website or mAadhaar app. After UID is unlocked, you will be able to resume authentication using UID, UID Token and VID.

How to lock Aadhar card online

    • First of all go to UIDAI website https://uidai.gov.in/.
    • After this click on the tab on My Aadhaar.
    • After this, go to Aadhaar Services section and click on ‘Aadhaar Lock/Unlock’.
    • Then select ‘Lock UID’ option.
    • Now enter your Aadhaar number, full name and PIN code.
    • Then click on ‘Send OTP’ button.
    • After this, enter the OTP received and then submit.
    • Aadhaar card can also be unlocked through this process.
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