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Looks like Apple has made a huge amount of money again. Analysts predict record revenue for the company in the last quarter

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect Apple to report a record quarter in terms of revenue soon.

For the past quarter, Apple is projected to have earned about $122.3 billion. For comparison, in 2019, the same figure for the company amounted to $91.8 billion, and in 2020 in the same quarter, Apple gained $111.4 billion.

The last quarter of a calendar year for Apple is the first quarter of a fiscal year. And this quarter is always the most successful for the company due to the launch of new smartphones. If this time the company really surpasses the result of last year, it will also be a new record for the company as a whole.

As for other forecasts, analysts believe that in the last quarter, Apple sold 83 million smartphones and 14.9 million tablets.


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