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Long Trip By Car: Plan to travel by car on New Year, keep these things in mind to avoid accidents

The month of December means the month of holidays. In this month, due to Christmas and New Year, people get a good chance to travel. Some people go by flights, trains and some like to go in their car. In this news, we are giving information about some things to those who go for a trip in their car. Taking care of which can avoid accidents during the journey.

It is important to have good health of the car

Before going on a long journey by car, it is always necessary for the health of the car to be correct. If this is not the case, then there is a problem when the car breaks down in the middle of the journey, but due to the bad car, the risk of accident also increases.

need to check oil

Not only engine oil is necessary in the car, but many types of oil are used in the car. These also include gear oil, brake oil and coolant. It is always necessary to check the engine oil, brake oil, gear oil and coolant of the car before a long journey.

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fix the lights

Many times due to negligence in urban traffic, car lights break or get damaged. But we drive them like this, but before going on a long journey, it is always necessary for the lights of the car to work properly. This is because the car is driven at high speed on the highway as compared to driving in urban traffic. In such a situation, if the lights do not work properly, then other vehicles do not get information about our presence and the risk of accident increases.

also install fog lights

The country receives smog during winters. In this case the normal lights of the car do not work. Therefore, if you are going to a place where there is no visibility due to excessive fog, then it would be better to install fog lights in the car. This will make it easier to drive on the road and reduce the risk of accidents.


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