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Login is not happening in BGMI, fix it quickly with these tips

A lot of gamers playing BGMI are having problems logging in today. Although Crafton is working on fixing login problems, you can try to fix the login problem yourself by following these tips.

There was a problem of login in BGMI i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India today. This morning many users informed through social media that BGMI is not able to open on their mobile. This game’s server was refreshed at 5.30 am today, but even after that gamers were facing a lot of problems. 

Server is busy, please try again later, Error code: db-error was appearing on the players screen. Although after some time the problem of login to BGMI was over, but after that the in-game friend list of gamers started appearing completely empty. There were also problems in Request Timed Out. 

Login problem in BGMI

For all these problems, Crafton has apologized to its users. Crafton has published a notice on the Battlegrounds Mobile India website. In it, he has written that, we have received information that some users are facing problems in logging in, error messages are appearing. We are currently looking into the cause of these problems and will notify you as soon as possible after they are resolved. 

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Let us tell you that if you are still having any problem with login to your BGMI, then you have no option to fix it. You just have to be patient and open BGMI at regular intervals to check if the login problems are fixed or not. However, there are some other tips as well, by following which you can try to eliminate the login problem.

Do this try to solve yourself

Change network: You change your SIM network, hotspot or Wi-Fi network and then open Battlegrounds Mobile India. After that maybe you will be able to play battle royale games.

Clear App Data: Gamers should clear app data and play Battlegrounds Mobile India again by opening them on their device. This can also solve the problem of gamers.

Server Status : Gamers should also check the server status once. Gamers can play the game by checking or resetting these server states. Nowadays Holi based events are running on Indian servers. Gamers can enjoy it a lot.


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