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Lockdown in many cities due to increase in corona cases in China, iPhone production also affected

Corona cases are increasing again in China, the country that started the epidemic about three years ago. To control this, the government has imposed lockdown in many cities. Under China’s President Xi Jinping Zero Kovid Policy, strict measures are being taken to deal with the epidemic.

The Chinese government has asked more than eight lakh people in a district of Wuhan not to leave until October 30. About 25 new cases of corona are reported per day in Wuhan. China For the third day in a row, more than 1,000 new cases have been reported. Earlier this month, Jinping had indicated that there would be no relaxation in the zero covid policy. He said that this is the fight of the people to stop the virus from spreading. Earlier this week, about 28 cities in China were under lockdown. This has affected some 207 million people in areas that account for about a quarter of China’s GDP.

Around 200 lockdowns have been imposed in the last few days. Most of these belong to communities that have been identified as high or medium risk. The lockdown has various rules for high, medium and low risk areas. The lockdown has also affected the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou of contract manufacturer Foxconn of American smartphone maker Apple. Foxconn reported that some of its workers have been quarantined. This is a concern for Apple. The company launched a new series of iPhones last month.

Apple has started manufacturing some models of its new iPhone 14 series in India. This is being seen as part of the company’s plan to reduce manufacturing in China. Due to the increasing tension between the US and China, many American companies are changing their strategy regarding business in China. The assembly of iPhone 14 series smartphones for the Indian market has started at Foxconn’s plant near Chennai. Recently there was a report that Apple has introduced some of the AirPods and Beats headphones for the first time. Production Also decided to do it in India.

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