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Listed are the mistakes that Russians make when buying pills

The specialist noted that some people, when their condition worsens, do not go to the doctor, but to the pharmacy for drugs. Moreover, they ask advice about buying certain medicines not from people who can help them, but from those who, on the contrary, can harm them.

One of the main mistakes is that a person with the first symptoms of the disease does not go to the doctor, but goes to the pharmacy. The pharmacy never knows the full history of a person’s illness and may not know about concomitant diseases. Naturally, in such conditions, the patient may be recommended some kind of drug that will not work or even harm ”, – the doctor warned.

Another mistake that Russians make is changing the dosage of pills without a doctor’s approval. It may be that the doctor prescribed one dosage, and the patient, when buying, decided that he needed less. Zhilyaev drew attention to the fact that such treatment would not be effective.

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