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Listed are atypical symptoms of thrombus separation

So, according to a specialist, blue discoloration or whitening of the extremities can hint at thrombosis.

If the thrombosis is on the surface, then most often it is pain. Venous thrombosis goes with blue discoloration, and arterial thrombosis with whitening of the extremities, it limb it becomes cold, alien, with pain ”, – the doctor warned.

Such a manifestation may be due to the fact that a blood clot from the heart has come off and is located in the upper limb. Among other things, severe pain can also hint at the separation of a blood clot, which cannot be drowned out by either pills or an injection.

The doctor recalled that an increased likelihood of thrombosis exists in people suffering from varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, arrhythmias, as well as patients with blood clotting problems. Serebryansky drew attention to the fact that in case of thrombosis, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance.

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