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Listed 5 signs of an impending stroke

The authors noted that there is a set of measures for the prevention of stroke – physical activity, quality nutrition, stress control, quitting bad habits, and regular health checks. However, no one is immune from the dangerous condition. Here are some things to look out for:

  • vision problems: short-term visual impairment, loss of visual fields, doubling of objects, sudden disappearance of vision in one eye;

  • weakness of the limbs: the appearance of weakness in one arm or leg or in half of the body, sudden asymmetry of the face, drooping of the corner of the mouth on one side;

  • speech disorders: lethargy, slurredness, or inability to speak;

  • memory impairment;

  • heart palpitations and, in general, the appearance of interruptions in the work of the heart.

It is also noted that such symptoms occur in only 75% of stroke cases.

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