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Linux kernel code already knows about AMD 96-core processors

The latest Linux kernel patch has received the first confirmation of the existence of AMD processors with 96 cores.

More precisely, it talks about the new AMD Family 19h 10h-1Fh and A0h-AFh CPUs, which can contain up to 12 chiplets. Recall that each chiplet currently contains eight cores.

The code does not indicate which processors this information applies to, but, of course, we are not talking about consumer Ryzen. In this case, we are dealing with either server-side Epyc or Threadripper. And regarding the former, everything agrees with the data of AMD itself.

Recall that recently the company told about Epyc Genoa processors based on Zen 4 architecture, which will have up to 96 cores. As a result, we now know that the new Epyc chiplets will still contain eight cores, but the number of chiplets will increase. And in Bergamo processors, their number should reach 16 at all, if AMD does not change the chiplets for these CPUs.


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