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Like Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR, only in any game. AMD is preparing a new “magic” technology Radeon Super Resolution (RSR)

The race of “magic” technologies of supersampling continues. AMD FSR is actively catching up with Nvidia DLSS in the number of supported games, but recently Nvidia has improved the technology Image Scalingwhich, like FSR, does not require specialized hardware or game support.

Now AMD is releasing about the same thing under the name Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). This is roughly the same as FSR, but, as with Image Scaling, without the requirement to integrate technology into the game. That is, RSR, in theory, can work in any game, and the technology will need to be activated directly from the driver.

As for hardware support, while sources say that RSR works only on graphics cards with RDNA architecture of any iteration, that is, on the Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 lines. on many old 3D maps.

In an era of total scarcity of video cards and incredibly inflated prices, when gamers have to stay on old and not the most productive video cards, such technologies can seriously help them to increase the performance in games.

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The source says AMD RSR will appear in the Radeon graphics driver as early as January.


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