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Life will be in trouble! If you use Google, do not make these mistakes even by mistake

Tech giant Google is the most popular search engine in the world. If you also use Google then you should pay attention to this. Yes, searching or posting anything on Google can prove to be harmful. If anyone does this then action can be taken against him. Let us tell you that according to the new IT rule, strict action has been taken against cases related to copyright rules, trademarks, court orders, sexual graphics content and fraud. In November, 26,087 complaints were filed by Google.

Google had received 26,087 complaints from users in the month of November, after which taking strict steps, Google removed about 61,114 content. Information about this from Google has been given in the Monthly Transparency Report. According to the report, apart from the complaints of users, 3,75,468 content have been removed from the automated detection mode by Google in the month of November.

In October, Google had received 24,569 complaints from users. During this, about 48,594 contents were removed. With this, 3,84,509 content has been removed from the automated detection mode.

Google has given this information in the disclosure reports filed under the new IT rule implemented in May 2021. In its latest report, Google said that in November around 26,087 complaints were registered for violation of India’s rules. In this, action has been taken against about 61,114 users. Let us tell you that all the complaints were made about third party content, in which there was an allegation of violation of law.

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Google has removed content under these categories, including copyright 60387, trademark 535, court order 56, graphics content 5 and fraudulent number 131. Users should never download copyrighted photos and videos, trademark content on Google. Apart from this, one should not even comment on the court order. A complaint has been registered with him for sexual graphics content and cheating.




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