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LIC Policy: This policy of LIC will give a fund of Rs 1 crore in 4 years, you will have to deposit a hefty premium

LIC Jeevan Shiromani Plan : If you want to take big funds by investing big. So Life Insurance Corporation of India has brought a great plan for you. The country’s most trusted life insurance policy provider company is LIC, which is very popular among the people. LIC keeps on coming up with some different policies every year. LIC has tremendous policies for people of all ages.

what is the scheme
There are also many such schemes of LIC, from which you can create a good fund on maturity. One such policy is LIC Jeevan Shiromani Policy. Through this policy, you can create a fund of Rs 1 crore in 4 years. However, here you have to pay more premium amount.

beneficial for these people
This policy of LIC was started in the year 2017. It is a non-linked, individual, life insurance savings plan. This is a money back plan with a minimum basic sum assured of Rs 1 crore. This policy has been made keeping in mind the High Net Worth Individuals (HNI).

This will be Basic Sum Assured
In LIC Jeevan Shiromani policy, Basic Sum Assured for 5 years is available at the rate of Rs 50 per thousand. After this, basic sum assured is available at the rate of Rs 55 per thousand from the sixth year till the premium paying term. Also, profits in the form of loyalty additions are also included with this policy.

investment period
The Basic Sum Assured in Jeevan Shiromani Policy is Rs 1 crore. For this, the customer will have to invest for 4 years. After that the returns will start getting. Talking about the investment amount, the customer will have to deposit around Rs 94,000 every month.

How to pay premium
Policyholders can invest money in LIC Jeevan Shiromani Policy for 14, 16, 18 and up to 20 years. Policyholder can pay premium on Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly basis.

This is the age of investment
The minimum age to invest in LIC Jeevan Shiromani Policy is 18 years. Talking about the maximum age and duration of investment in the policy, then investors of 45 years can invest for 20 years. People of 48 years can invest till 18 years. People of 51 years can invest till 16 years and people of 55 years can invest till 14 years.

can take loan
In this scheme, LIC gives the facility to the customers to take loans. To get the loan, the customer has to pay the premium for a minimum period of 1 year subject to certain conditions. Loan facility is available only after completion of minimum one policy year.

this is death benefit
In this policy, the policyholders get “Sum Assured on Death” along with Guaranteed Additions in case of death during the first 5 years. At the same time, on death after completion of 5 years but before maturity, “Sum Assured on Death” along with Guaranteed Additions and Loyalty Additions are available.

Here is the maturity benefit
Maturity Benefit is available on survival of the Life Assured till the end of the policy term. This includes “Sum Assured on Maturity” as well as Guaranteed Addition and Loyalty Addition (if any), payable. Here the “Sum Assured on Maturity” is as under:

    • 1. 40% of Basic Sum Assured for 14 years.


    • 2. 30% of Basic Sum Assured for 16 years.


    • 3. 20% of Basic Sum Assured for 18 years.


    • 4. 10% of Basic Sum Assured for 20 years.


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