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LG U+-Ace Lab develops self-driving car abnormality diagnosis technology… Use of big data and AI

LG U+ announced on the 21st that it will develop next-generation technology that diagnoses abnormalities in autonomous vehicles based on big data and AI in cooperation with domestic autonomous driving solution company ACELAB.

The next-generation technology being developed this time is a system that determines whether the software and hardware of an autonomous vehicle are abnormal in the cloud using big data and AI and informs the operator of the autonomous driving mobility service. LG U+ expects that when the technology reaches the commercialization stage, it will be possible not only to urgently retrieve malfunctioning autonomous vehicles, but also to provide unmanned driving services in hazardous areas.

LG U+ and Ace Lab have demonstrated their self-driving technology development capabilities, such as the world’s first autonomous vehicle using 5G communication network to successfully drive in the city center in March 2019, and the first autonomous parking vehicle through 5G communication in December 2020. .

The two companies plan to complete the development of autonomous vehicle anomaly diagnosis technology by the third quarter and reflect it in the demonstration project.

Choi Chang-guk, head of LG U+’s Next-Generation Technology Lab (Vice President) said, “We will spur the development of autonomous driving-related technologies to gain momentum for the smart mobility business, which is our core business.” We will be actively involved,” he said.

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