Wednesday, February 21, 2024

LG Display introduces new generation MLA-OLED panel with record brightness

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LG Display, one of the two largest suppliers of displays in the world, at the exhibition CES 2024 in January announced at a closed meeting plans to release new panels OLED, and the details became known only now.

According to IT Home, LG Display and Samsung Display introduced OLED panels G4 and S95D respectively. Although both panels are capable of reaching a maximum brightness of 3000 cd/m2, they cannot support this brightness across the entire panel. For example, the brightness of the MLA-OLED panel from LG drops to 250 cd/m.2 When imaging a pure white image, the latest technology QD-OLED from Samsung can reach 300 cd/m2 under the same conditions.

LG Display also demonstrated its next generation MLA-OLED-panel. According to DSCC, the peak brightness of the panel is even higher than that of panels LG Display released in the past. Peak brightness reaches 3700 kd/m2 at the prototype stage. This means an increase in peak brightness by 23%, and the different version will be closer to 4000 cd/m.2,

According to reports, this next generation MLA-OLED panel will be available in 2025, which means that LG Display will present this panel at the CES 2025 exhibition in January 2025. Additionally, later this year LG Electronics plans to release the transparent 77-inch panel Signature OLED T.

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