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Lexus and Toyota recognized as the most reliable machines. Published results of new research JD Power

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Analytical agency JD Power published the results of research into the reliability of cars in the American market, where the leaders were the companies Lexus and Toyota. Experts note that the overall quality of cars decreases, especially because of the complex multimedia system and the electrical part of the power plant.

The study was conducted among 30 595 car owners who purchased the car three years ago. These data differ from those of previous years, which indicated an improvement in the overall situation with the reliability of cars.

During the year the average number of defect complaints increased from 186 to 190 per 100 cars. The frequency of occurrence of problems in the period three months to three years after purchase increased from 12% to 17%.

Complex multimedia systems cause the most complaints (49 per 100 cars), almost twice the number of complaints about the second most frequent problem, related to the body. Drivers also express dissatisfaction with the performance of active safety systems, considering them sometimes inaccurate and dangerous.

Problems arise more often with pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids than with pure hybrids and gasoline vehicles. Thus, among clean electric vehicles there are an average of 256 defects for every 100 vehicles.

The top-3 in terms of reliability included Lexus (135 defects on 100 machines), Toyota (147) and Buick (149), and the bottom lines of the rating were Lincoln, Tesla, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Audi and Chrysler.

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