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Learn how to use iPhone Screen Recorder here

Taking a screenshot using the drawing tools and annotations on iPhone is one of the easiest ways to share your screen content with anyone. But sometimes screen recording becomes necessary. Maybe you want to share some process with your friends or want to do some cool hack. If you are a gamer, then screen recording becomes a must for you. We have a trick to record screen on iPhone and iPad, which we have shared here, so let’s know about it in detail.

Know how to use iPhone Screen Recorder

step 1- To start screen recording on your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is add Screen Recorder to Control Center.

Step 2- To do this, if you want to screen-record on an iPad, open the Settings app on an iPhone or iPad as well.

Step 3- Then, choose Control Center.

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Step 4- Now, scroll down to the iPhone Screen Recorder option and tap on the ‘+’ button next to it.

How to Record Screen to Control Center on iPhone

Step 5- Now to record the screen, you have to go to the Control Center of your iPhone or iPod.

Step 6- Then, touch and hold the gray Record which is available in the gray mic icon.

Step 7- Now, tap on Start Recording. It will show you a countdown of three seconds, you have to wait for that time.

Step 8- Once you’re done, you’ll need to stop recording. To do this, open Control Center, and then tap the red Record button. Or you can also tap the red bar at the top of your screen to stop recording.

Step 9- The recorded video will be saved to your photo gallery and media files. You can share it like any other file via WhatsApp, Gmail or E-drive.

How to Share and Edit Recorded Videos on iPhone

Step 10- The saved video will be available in the Photos section, tap on the video and click on the Edit button at the top right corner.

Step 11- This will allow you to make basic edits like cropping, filtering, flipping or customizing the video.

Step 12- Once you are done with your editing, tap Done and then click the Share button.




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