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Learn how a person became a millionaire due to Google’s mistake, he himself is not convinced

New Delhi, if google (GoogleWhat will be your reaction if suddenly Rs 2 crore is transferred to you someday. Recently a similar incident happened, where Gagool mistakenly transferred crores of rupees to a person. In fact, the American company has mistakenly transferred about 2.5 lakh US dollars to a person, whose Indian price is about 20 million rupees.

Google transferred funds by mistake
Sam is a professional hackers. According to media reports, Sam works to find bugs in the system and software. Sam is green doing ‘bug bounty hunting’ work for Google. In such a situation, Sam has been offered as a payment by Google. But this time Google has transferred a large amount to Sam by mistake, not the payment. In such a situation, Sam Carey himself cannot believe why he has got so much money.

where is this incident
On behalf of hackers named Sam Carey, it was informed on Twitter that about three weeks ago, two and a half million dollars (about Rs 2 crore) were transferred from Google. This incident is from the city of Omaha in the US state of Nebraska.

google gives earning opportunity
Google is the world’s largest tech company. Google gives you earning opportunities in many ways. If you are a professional hacker, then you are offered by Google to find bugs in your product, in return for which you can earn big money from Google. Google wants to provide absolutely secure products to its users in every way. This is the reason why they allow hackers to hack their products.

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