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Leading specialists from large tech companies go into cryptocurrency trading

For example, Sandy Carter, vice president of its AWS cloud division, left such a successful tech giant as Amazon. She went to a small, compared to Amazon, cryptocurrency company Unstoppable Domains, which sells domains for the introduction of cryptocurrency, and posted a link to the vacancy in her account on the employment service. According to her, about 350 people from top companies responded to the vacancy.

Carter believes that this trend began because many specialists see the prospects for cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by investments in these technologies in the United States. This is about $ 28 billion, which is 4 times more than last year.

In addition, the prospect of the development of a new version of the Internet Web 3.0 is now being discussed, which implies the decentralization of ownership of the Web. Proponents of this idea hope to get out of the influence of monopoly companies – Google, Facebook and others, selling targeted ads based on user data. And the blockchain, on which the cryptocurrency is based, just allows you to achieve these goals. At least in theory.

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