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Last Selfie On Earth: This will be Earth’s last selfie, AI created scary images


Ever since the trend of smartphones has increased, the trend of selfie is touching the sky. Today, no matter how small the fat function is, everyone is seen taking selfies in it. If you go for a walk or something else, then people take selfie. The effect of selfie is more visible on young people. But have you ever wondered what the last selfie on Earth will be like? So AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence has given the answer and has prepared such last selfie which you will be scared to see.

AI Made Earth’s Last Selfie On Earth

Well let me tell you AI There is a lot of work but AI DALL-E 2 is used as an image generator.

In this way, when this AI was asked how the last selfie of this earth would be, its results were not good and showed quite a scary selfie which is becoming increasingly viral on the internet today. However, most of them started becoming viral on the internet when these images were shared on social media from a Tiktok account named Robot Overlords. After this, a lot is being shared about it with many big accounts.

AI means artificial intelligence The selfie photo shared by (Last Selfie On Earth) is quite scary and has scenes in which people have mobiles in their hands and there is devastation all around them. The faces of these people are also quite terrible and were made like a horror movie.

Yes, you can see these images in which there are devastating scenes and people have mobiles in their hands and are seen taking selfies.

Last Selfie On Earth: AI Made Earth's Last Selfie

For information, let us tell you that the DALL-E artificial intelligence system has created these photos based on the user’s text description inputs. According to the report, this AI system has created these photos by using about 12-billion parameter version GPT-3.

In this way, these different scary photos (Last Selfie On Earth) are becoming very viral all over the world today. Which you can also watch.

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