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Last November CIPA Report Published

Japan’s CIPA, which includes Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sony and other photographic equipment manufacturers, released data on digital camera and interchangeable lens sales for November last year. Although sales were lower than in previous years, it is interesting that sales increased compared to October, although they decreased in previous years. This can be clearly seen in the graphs.

A total of 732,536 digital cameras were sold in the last autumn month. This is 70.4% of the figure for November 2020, when 1,040,371 cameras were sold.

Sales of cameras with interchangeable lenses in November amounted to 457,601 units, which is equal to 68.7% of the figure for November 2020.

Last November CIPA Report Published

There were sold 247 935 compact cameras in a month. This value is equal to 73.5% of the value recorded in November 2020. Notably, only 195,352 cameras were sold in October 2021, accounting for 51.4% of October 2020 sales.

Last November CIPA Report Published

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