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Large German hosting provider Hetzner banned nodes from running on their servers

The German hosting company Hetzner, which provides cloud services, has stated that its terms of service prohibit not only mining, but also staking , including ether.

According to Hetzner, the use of the company’s products for applications even remotely related to crypto assets is not allowed.

“The use of our products for any application related to mining, even remotely, is not allowed. including Ethereum. […] Even if you just run one node, we will consider it a violation of our rules, ”the official representative of the cloud provider said in a message.


The statement of the Hetzner representative caused a wave of criticism in the community. According to ethernodes Hetzner accounts for 16% of Ethereum nodes at press time, with Amazon Web Services leading the way.

If the Ethereum community is forced to stop Hetzner’s services, it will jeopardize the health of at least 10% of the network. Some members of the crypto community speculate that Hetzner’s statement was the result of recent U.S. Treasury Department sanctions against Tornado Cash.

The next blow could be dealt with decentralization. The forced search for hosting nodes, in particular the purchase of VPS hosting and VDS server services, will not only reduce the possibilities of location and reach, but also call into question how decentralized the blockchain actually is.

In fact, this situation is not new for the hosting provider. In May 2021, Hetzner banned mining on its servers after users started mining Chia cryptocurrency with their help.

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