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Laptop Tips: Your laptop won’t hang again, just do the ‘this’ work


  • Follow the tips to prevent the laptop from hanging.
  • Use antivirus.
  • Increase the RAM and storage in the laptop.

New Delhi : Computers and today, just like smartphones Laptop Has also become an important device. Laptops are used for many tasks, from office work to college projects. However, the problem is that laptops hang frequently due to overuse. Laptops hang automatically, so data cannot be saved. In this case, the laptop has to be restarted.

No need to worry if your laptop hangs too often. You can easily solve this problem by following simple tips. Let’s learn more about this.

Device not being updated

Frequently hangs because the device is not fully updated. So the laptop needs to be updated from time to time. Updates add new features and functions to the system. This increases the processing speed of the system.

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Viruses and malware

Computer Or in a laptop Antivirus If not, there was an outbreak of virus or malware. This caused the laptop to hang frequently. In this case, a good anti-virus should be installed in the laptop. No unfamiliar links or applications should be installed in the system for this purpose.

Update RAM

Low RAM often causes laptops to hang frequently. So increase the RAM of the laptop. You can add 8 GB RAM to the computer. This will reduce the problem of laptop hanging.


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