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Land rover had to be driven in the snow with the wheels of a rickshaw, in the end the game was over, the arrangement proved costly

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Whenever the name of Jugaad comes up, the first thought that comes to our mind is of us Indians. If you scroll through social media, you will get to see many videos. Where we Indians use our brains to make such arrangements. Seeing this, even good engineers are stunned. But it is not necessary that only Indians are ahead in the matter of Jugaad. There are many foreigners also who compete with us Indians in this matter. Now just look at the jugaad going viral. After watching this you will definitely laugh a lot.

Often you must have seen that when people go for a walk in the snow, their tires get stuck in the snow. Due to which many people take the help of Jugaad there, so that the car does not slip in the snow. Now watch this video going viral where a person has fitted rickshaw wheels to his Land Rover, so that the vehicle does not slip in the snow. Most people are saying this after watching this video. Brother, what was the need for this jugaad?

Watch the video here

The video going viral seems to be from some hilly area. Where a person fitted rickshaw wheels to his car. So that the car can run at a good speed in the snow, but here the opposite happens. A wheel gets stuck in a snow-covered pothole in such a way that the entire vehicle stops and here only the driver tries but is unable to succeed. The situation is that other vehicles are passing in front of him.

The video has been shared on X by an account named farmingdatabase. Which has received thousands of likes and views till the time of writing the news and feedback is being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘It is not necessary that Jugaad works right every time, sometimes it also goes wrong.’ Another user wrote, ‘The work was not done but the look of the car definitely got spoiled brother.’ Apart from this, many other users also gave their reaction by commenting on this.

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