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Land like children’s play area found on asteroid discovered 23 years ago!

101955 An asteroid named Bennu was discovered in 1999. The surface of this asteroid has stunned scientists. NASA scientists say that its surface is such as a children’s play area, on which friction will be felt very less if it goes on.

NASA has said about the surface of the asteroid that its particles are very loosely interconnected. Walking on its surface is as if plastic balls are mixed together to form a surface, as is often used to create a play area for young children to play on. Two years ago today, NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx went to Bennu, which brought some samples with it. After studying those samples, NASA scientists have drawn this result. NASA has also shared a video of this on social media.

Kevin Wash, a member of the OSIRIS-Rex science team, says that researchers should have found solid rocks there if the asteroid’s structure was made of dense particles. But instead of a denser rocky surface, scientists have found empty space between particles on the surface there. Scientists are surprised because when the asteroid was studied in 2018, the result of the presence of giant rocks was found, which had a denser texture. But now the situation is the opposite, and there the particles are very loosely related to each other. Scientists are also in awe of what force is keeping them together.

Team scientist Patrick Michael revealed that research on this is still ongoing because celestial bodies can behave in many different ways. As is also doing it Asteroid. NASA has also said that if an asteroid ever tries to touch the Earth, its particles will be scattered due to the Earth’s atmosphere. The agency has said that the asteroids stick to each other due to gravity. And if a collision occurs, an asteroid like Bennu will face different threats than solid asteroids.

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