Monday, March 4, 2024

Land Cruiser Prado, raised. Volkswagen chief designer shows new Amarok

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Albert Kirzinger (Albert Kirzinger), chief-designer of the line of commercial technology Volkswagen (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles), published in LinkedIn the image of off-road (meaning off-road, not pickup) Amarok.

As Motor1 reports, such a model can be built on the basis of the off-roader Ford Everest (the latest pickup Volkswagen Amarok is in fact a restyled version of the Ford Ranger, hence the assumption).

Earlier Volkswagen planned the release of the off-road Amarok, however this project was closed at the insistence of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles director of marketing Lars Krause, although Volkswagen even tested a prototype at that time. The appearance of this picture on the Internet now may testify in favor that the project will be reborn. Judging by the picture, such Amarok with frame body will be able to compete with the latest Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 250.

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