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Lamborghini sold maximum 103 cars in India in 2023

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Luxury vehicle manufacturer Lamborghini achieved a new milestone by crossing the sales mark of 100 units in a year in India for the first time in 2023. The company has sold a record breaking 103 units in the country. Lamborghini’s success in India is continuously increasing. The company had sold a record 92 units in 2022, which is a growth of 33 percent compared to a year ago.

Lamborghini’s performance at global level

Lamborghini This achievement is part of growth at the global level. The company sold 10,112 units worldwide in 2023, which is the highest ever and a growth of 10 percent compared to last year. Lamborghini delivered an improved sales performance in 2023, with three main areas contributing to the success. EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) saw a growth of 14 percent compared to 2022 and a total of 3,987 cars were sold during this period. There was a growth of 9 percent in America and a total of 3,465 cars were delivered during this period. A growth of 4 percent was seen in the APAC region, where a total of 2,660 cars were sold.

In particular, USA remained the top market with delivery of 3 thousand cars, followed by Germany, China, United Kingdom and Japan. Other markets include the Middle East, South Korea, Italy, Canada, Australia, France and Monaco, Switzerland, Taiwan and India. Talking about the model, Lamborghini’s Urus SUV was the most successful in 2023 with a total delivery of 6,087 units. After that Huracán also set a better record with the delivery of 3,962 cars. Apart from this, V12 models including 12 Aventador and 51 Few Off made a total of 63 cars delivered.

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