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Kyocera SLD Laser Sets World Record for LiFi Data Transfer Rate – 100x 5G

Kyocera SLD Laser (KSLD), a subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation that commercializes the next generation of gallium nitride laser light sources for automobiles, mobile devices, lighting fixtures and consumer electronics, has announced the world’s fastest LiFi system. Providing data transfer rates in excess of 90 Gbps, this system is 100 times superior in this parameter to 5G technology. These days, the developer is showcasing a DataLight system designed for automotive and consumer applications at CES 2022.

“We are thrilled to announce that KSLD has achieved the 90 Gbps LiFi World Record and is showcasing this DataLight innovation at CES 2022 at our booth,” said James Raring, CEO of Kyocera SLD Laser. – Our ultra high speed LiFi technology is a pioneer in lighting and wireless communication, it is eye safe, immune to ambient light, safe, efficient and RF free. KSLD commercializes LiFi solutions for customers in mobile applications, automotive and underwater, and RF-sensitive environments such as aircraft cockpits, smart factories, healthcare, safe government facilities and smart cities. ”

DataLight LiFi uses dual laser light sources in the visible and infrared regions. They enable the commercialization of intelligent lighting systems that include spatial dynamic lighting, night vision lighting, precision sensing and 3D lidar, and optical transmission of energy. DataLight instruments can be customized for specific customer applications and have great potential for performance optimization using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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