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Kyocera Offers New Technology for Human Machine Interface

The Japanese company Kyocera has unveiled a human-machine interface (HMI) technology called HAPTIVITY i. This development combines HAPTIVITY’s proprietary sensor technology with TactoTek Oy’s patented IMSE injection molding technology for structural electronics. The result allows designers to create HMI solutions in a wide range of 3D shapes, with thinner form factors, fewer components, improved vibration resistance and significantly less weight. In addition, because HAPTIVITY i solutions are fully integrated, they are reliable, durable, and protected from dirt and moisture. In addition, such an interface is easy to clean from contamination.

Kyocera Offers New Technology for Human Machine Interface

Kyocera’s original HAPTIVITY technology uses piezoelectric elements. It includes a vibration amplification mechanism, control circuitry, and software for transmitting vibration through a panel or display surface when touched and pressed. Biomechanically engineered vibration waveforms reproduce real tactile sensations by stimulating neural mechanoreceptors at the user’s fingertip, allowing the user, for example, to “feel” physical buttons and press them on a panel that does not have physical buttons.

With regard to IMSE technology, it allows printed electronic circuits and electronic components to be encapsulated in plastic injection molded parts. As a result, mechanical structure, electronic functions and appearance are combined in a one-piece finished product. Integrated features typically include capacitive touch sensing, backlighting, and wireless connectivity. Compared to traditional electronics, IMSE reduces part wall thickness (up to 95%), reduces plastic use and component weight (up to 80%), and reduces production CO2 emissions (up to 34%).

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HAPTIVITY i is said to help implement green HMI solutions for high performance applications such as vibration-resistant designs for automotive controls and easy-to-clean interfaces for consumer products and smart home systems.



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