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Krafton introduces pre-registration of Indian theme based game Garuda Saga

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Krafton has introduced a new game Garuda Saga in collaboration with Alchemist Games. It is a mobile game that highlights the cultural tapestry of India. The game is currently available for pre-registration on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, there are also special rewards for early registration. Let us know about Garuda Saga in detail.

How to pre-register

Gamers can now pre-register for Garuda Saga by visiting the app store on their phones. Krafton promised pre-registered players special rewards, including a unique starter pack created specifically for Indian users upon the game’s official release. To pre-register for Garuda Saga, follow these steps:
1. Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on your device.
2. Search Garuda Saga and open it from the search result.
3. Pre-Register button Tap on.

Indian theme in game

Garuda Saga stands out due to its Indian-themed story, which combines thrills with roguelike combat. Garuda is involved in the main story line, helping King Allu escape from hell in 19 chapters, each consisting of 15 levels. Players face every challenge armed only with a bow and arrow and use their skill and power to win.

how is the game

The story in the Garuda Saga game revolves around Garuda. This is a hero who is on a quest to save his master King Allu from the hell called roguelike. The game features 19 story chapters, each consisting of 15 multi-wave levels. With Garuda facing off against various enemies with a bow and arrow, the game is categorized as a fantasy RPG title. Garuda Saga is similar to Alchemist Games’ previous release Angel Saga. However, as roguelikes go, it is clear that Garuda Saga brings a new story, characters and more. This game has been specially designed for the Indian audience.

Crafton Introducing a unique mobile game for Indian users, Anuj Sahni, Head of Incubator Program and Lead of Garuda Saga, said that the game offers thrilling gameplay with an Indian narrative. Kipum Jun, CEO of Alchemist Games, said on the same lines that Garuda Saga provides a powerful gaming experience for the Indian gaming community with a great story, depth and visual challenges.

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